Simple logo in the shape of pine with green and brown colors, this logo is ideal for various types of company.
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    Payment is made with Paypal, where you can use your credit card, or other various forms of payment that Paypal offers, and in complete security.

  • Customization

    You can use our logo creator to edit text, colors, and shapes, another way to customize the logo is making a request on the contact page, this service has no additional cost and usually performed in less than 12 hours.

  • Copyright

    After purchasing the logo, you can download a pdf document that transfers all the copyright of the logo to you; I keep the right to display the logo in my portfolio.

  • Exclusivity

    You are buying a unique logo, that means only you can use the logo.

  • Files

    After purchasing the logo, the files can be generated immediately with the formats (SVG and PNG); if necessary, you can request other formats; if possible, we will send it at no additional cost.

  • Download

    The files are available for download on our platform at any time, but we recommend saving the files to an online storage service.

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    Registering on our site is required, the only way we can generate the logo files and the copyright transfer document, you will not receive any e-mail without asking.

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